‘A Prayer: Ode to a Safe Chicago for All’ written by ‘The Namaste Child aka Claude Hill


I pray that the angel of peace blocks any harmful intent from manifesting upon the streets of Chicago. I choose to imagine angels besides you, your sons and daughters, as they journey back and forth. I can imagine the beating hearts of all of God’s children transforming into angelic deep red flaming torches; that can give cleansing light to another lonely SOUL. I believe with all my heart that the peoples of your neighborhood, my neighborhood and all neighborhoods shall know for the first time sacred peace. Let the words, ‘I am peace’ stir about in the darkest places of human hate. Let that rooted flag of peace bring us all to the Mountaintop of Sacred Brotherhood. Let the petty things. Those temporary material things fade away into that which is far behind us. Let our shared Soul lights of our still loving humanity draw strength from Divinity. For I stand in a space of gratitude because I know that God is still on the throne. Sending out the breaths of being blessed protected to all my fellow human beings and our pets. In my prayer hands’ release. Amen.

Here is a link to my first poetry and short stories book entitled….I AM THE NAMASTE CHILD


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