Good Times With My Buddies



It was good to see my friends Cash Flow Joe and Conrad again. I hadn’t seen them in months. It felt like I hadn’t seen them in years to be precise. 

Earlier in the day, my friend Patrice and her best friend took me to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a near by suburb in Illinois. It was a snowy  and icy day, and I didn’t want to step outside into the bitter cold beyond my toasty house. However, Star Wars in 3D! How could I possibility say ‘No!. So, I sat down in a comfortable seat in the Marcus theater, where I slowly consumed a bucket of buttery popcorn.

As I put on my 3D glasses, I was transported to a galaxy far away. Literally, I felt like I was in outer space. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves star wars, science fiction or adventures.

So, my buddies Joey and Conrad visited me at my home later that evening. We went to a restaurant called ‘Portillos.’  Ordered myself a few tasty cheeseburgers, small fry and a small cup of water. Met a duck named, ‘Ducky Paws’ and became good friends. Actually, there is another version to how I met Ducky Paws. As Doctor Who Shero ‘River Song would say, ‘Spoilers!’

Here a video of my new freaky friend, ‘Ducky Paws.’

After words like most bored folks, we went to Walmart and played around. I always thought of Wal-mart, as being a playground for the imagination. I desperately needed some fun. So, my friends and I played around on some scooters and fought with red and and blue light sabers, even re-enacted a ‘Back to the Future’ movie hover board scene, with Conrad on a skate board holding on to the back of my scooter. Sometimes, imagination needs help from us mortals to say the least.


Here is a video of our Walmart  fun….


So, I was cracking jokes and making folks laugh. If there were more laughs in the air, then fear would run away. I can dream. I suppose! 

The night ended with my friends taking pictures and creating fun videos of our experiences. I shall miss Cash Flow Joey and Conrad. They bring smiles to my existence. These moments are my movable feasts.