‘Walking Upon These Daddy Shores for the Very First Time.’


Today’s blessings disguised as new life arrives.

This permeating love from the universe bestows upon your waiting eyes.

A gift.

A sunrise.

Looking into your very own precious baby boy’s hopeful eyes.

For the very first time… 

To be knighted in a healing space of bliss.

An honor of that timeless title. 

Entitled ‘Daddy’

Is a grand gesture of the cosmos to you.

Unfolding metaphors and loving ways.

Awaits the breaths of your beautiful child’s very first days.

Wishing you the abundance of love.

Beating out heart beats creates many capturing memories in tear drop symphonies.

Directed by the love of your Daddy’s cares.

For that angel child.

Now your child sent from above.

May your days with your baby boy.

Flourish always in countless breath taking moments.

Those playful moments.

Those protective Daddy kisses.

A love-n-naire.

All that Daddy love to share

And sun ray blazing dawns of mornings yet to come,

Where you get to see the precious moments of your baby son.

Be blessed for you are a Daddy Now.

The greatest gift given from infinity’s fertile womb’s incarnating scenes,.

To welcome into your presence another wonderful human being. 


(C) copyrighted


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