Amen to the One Cosmic Soul.




Love comes to me each and every day.

Never asks for anything.

It just is.

My dearest friend.

Love comes to me.

In my anger,

it reminds me;

that it loves me so!

I am love!

Disguised as Now.

Soon, I’ll be another version of me.

Each breath I take.

Is God’s gift to me.

Hurting and loving.

Is my human destiny!

For without one another.

How could I write so much poetry.

It takes getting down and dirty.

In my feelings.

It seems more important than ever before.

I keep on discovering more poetic parts of me.

Hidden in each and every passing breath.

I find God anew.

Always besides me and 

revealing my many living truths.

Knowing that I am loved so by

the animating love of God’s hopes.

I am love.

and you are love.

Together, we are both Cosmic love.

Let us both dine on Cosmic chance and

the living romance of days.

Let us in our own ways.

Just pray for gratitudes gift

of abundance in our lives.

Let us all sing together that God is still alive.

I love you!

You love me!

That was the first song ever played.

When God created you and me.

Love comes to me.

Each and every breath I take.

Let us always be grateful

for the gift to be humanity.

And this is what I say each and every day.

As the Sun rays dance on my waking faith.

To know that all I am was created from 

love’s enduring place

inside of my and yours eternal Soul.

For God’s divine love for each and everyone of us lives

on inside the One Cosmic Soul.

Amen to the One Cosmic Soul.


(C) Copyrighted