I Still Have A Dream!



Good Times With My Buddies



It was good to see my friends Cash Flow Joe and Conrad again. I hadn’t seen them in months. It felt like I hadn’t seen them in years to be precise. 

Earlier in the day, my friend Patrice and her best friend took me to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a near by suburb in Illinois. It was a snowy  and icy day, and I didn’t want to step outside into the bitter cold beyond my toasty house. However, Star Wars in 3D! How could I possibility say ‘No!. So, I sat down in a comfortable seat in the Marcus theater, where I slowly consumed a bucket of buttery popcorn.

As I put on my 3D glasses, I was transported to a galaxy far away. Literally, I felt like I was in outer space. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves star wars, science fiction or adventures.

So, my buddies Joey and Conrad visited me at my home later that evening. We went to a restaurant called ‘Portillos.’  Ordered myself a few tasty cheeseburgers, small fry and a small cup of water. Met a duck named, ‘Ducky Paws’ and became good friends. Actually, there is another version to how I met Ducky Paws. As Doctor Who Shero ‘River Song would say, ‘Spoilers!’

Here a video of my new freaky friend, ‘Ducky Paws.’

After words like most bored folks, we went to Walmart and played around. I always thought of Wal-mart, as being a playground for the imagination. I desperately needed some fun. So, my friends and I played around on some scooters and fought with red and and blue light sabers, even re-enacted a ‘Back to the Future’ movie hover board scene, with Conrad on a skate board holding on to the back of my scooter. Sometimes, imagination needs help from us mortals to say the least.


Here is a video of our Walmart  fun….


So, I was cracking jokes and making folks laugh. If there were more laughs in the air, then fear would run away. I can dream. I suppose! 

The night ended with my friends taking pictures and creating fun videos of our experiences. I shall miss Cash Flow Joey and Conrad. They bring smiles to my existence. These moments are my movable feasts.


Dedicated to the two New York Cops Murdered on Saturday, December 20, 2014.


Let me tell you a story about how #Allhumanlivesmatters.

When you murder anyone,

You are murdering his/her family.

You are murdering that person’s could have been future.

You are murdering the community’s pulse.

You are putting a toe tag on that could have been innovations of humanity.

How many of us have cops in our families?

How many of us calls that cop our son?

How many of us calls that cop our daughter?

How many of us calls that cop our husband?

How many of us calls that cop our wife?

How many of us calls that cop our neighbor?


I believe that #Whitelivesmatters.

I believe that #Blacklivesmatters.

I believe that #Hispaniclivesmatters.

I actually believe that #AllHumanlivesmatters.

You don’t get to murder someone because you think

you have the right to do so.

When you murder someone, you are actually murdering your SOUL.

We are ONE SOUL after all.

There is no justification for murdering anyone.

There is no justification for murdering anyone.

You see race and economic status are just control constructs to divide people against each other.

If only DNA was judge and jury, then we would discover that all of us are ONE people.

I believe RACISM is alive and well.

RACISM is alive and well because of ignorance.

When you teach your kids to look negatively at others differences,

You create a culture of bullying.

When you believe you are better than someone, you start to

act in such a way; that puts a question mark on Humanity’s



We must teach them that #AllHumanlivesmatters.

Truthfully, if all this murdering continues;

Then there won’t be a human race.

Only a skull somewhere in the future, with worms and dirt lying in a forgotten jungle.

Change our HUMAN narrative.

Remember #AllHumanLivesMatters


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Snowflakes’ Memories in Connecticut


A coward emerged from a haunted soul

Despair won over this human soul.

The devil focused whispers of a tip toeing terrorist

Snuffed out the candles of the Many …our all…the American babies and their guardians.

 Condemned the majesty  of the stories, yet to be manifested.

Selfish and damaged ego man, with trashy intents collided to rip the smiles of the Godly United.

My heart breaks at unawares for the snow flakes and innocent stares that’ll never be seen.

Holiday blitz and hand holding moments in front of the once lighted tree now frozen in  what could have been.

Snow flakes, snowflakes, O how I miss those snowflakes that once fell slowly; so, crystallized for automatic memory capture.

 How can I go on around the chorus of the memory, as the chill of winds produces no snowflakes causality?

I stand in the vast field of snow laced what could have been within its center  a tiny grave staring back at me.

I walk towards the small tomb stone and kneel with my tears and bad leg…

I fall unexpectedly and hug the memory to our future. As I cry I see the snowflake of my grief

Knowing that my grief is the grandest starting point….

For new memories….new memories born in the continuing belief that mankind is better than this ego tragedy.

We can heal the empty spaces of human touch, with the innovation …the love…and the hope to go on.

I stand up frozen waist down and a glow of hope sustains and warms me.

The winds shall carry your snow flake memories long beyond my life time.

And always know that your songs my fellow souls will ring steady each and every day that I draw breath.



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‘When God Finally Came to Me!’



The Sun wrote my shine!

Its soul permeates through to

the cells of my TEMPLE ME.

Then I raised my arms up

to you, Father God!

For my faith’s  knowing announced, ‘You’re Here!’

Excited was I

Of another grand SURPRISE;

That releasing miracle smile of another Sunrise.

To wake up again in

the theater of your Wise.

For this day, still unknown

to me  is the EPICENTER of my

Moment’s unfolding Destinies.




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